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Payment with bank cards is conducted through Alfa Bank, JSC.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, MIR.

Payment service via internet is conducted in accordance with rules and regulations of international payment systems Visa, MasterCard and of payment system MIR based on the principles of confidentiality and security of payment. This is achieved by using the most up to date methods of verification, encryption and transfer of data through closed communication channels. Input of bank card information is executed on a secured payment webpage of Alfa Bank, JSC.

You will need to type in the following information about your bank card on the input data webpage: card number, cardholder name, expiration date, 3-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for Mastercard, code of additional identification for MIR). All the necessary information is imprinted on the bank card. The 3-digit security code represents 3 numbers on the back of your bank card. Afterwards you will be transferred to the webpage of your bank to input the security code received via SMS. If you did not receive the code, please refer to the Bank, that issued the card.

Cases when payment is declined:

  • The bank card is not suitable for payments via internet – contact your bank for such information
  • Insufficient funds for payment on the card account – for more details please refer to the bank, that issued the card 
  • Bank card information has been input incorrectly 
  • Bank card has expired; usually the bank card expiration date is presented on the face of the card (valid through month and year); for more details please refer to the bank, that issued the card

With questions concerning payment with bank cards as well as any other questions on the work of the website please call 8 (499) 670-97-97.

Personal information presented by you, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank card number, are confidential and are not subject to disclosure. Your bank card information is transferred only with encryption and is not saved on our Web-servers.


The Customer under the Paid medical services agreement has the right to request the return of the paid amount under the Agreement for any medical services unclaimed by the Patient. To return the amount the Customer must file a written application with the Administration of the Medical center containing details of the account, to which the amount should be transferred. In case refund is requested under a Deposit Agreement the residual amount is returned after recalculation for provided medical services without discounts.

Request to return the paid advance for medical services and full indemnity of losses are to be fulfilled within 10 days from the date such request has been placed in accordance with article 23.1 clause 4 of the Consumer Protection Law N 2300-1 of the Russian Federation dated 07.02.1992 (as amended 18.07.2019).

The Patient can submit a claim to the Medical organization in case any deficiencies in the provided services are identified. The period for considering the claim is 10 calendar days. If the existence of deficiencies in the provided medical services is ascertained the Patient may at his discretion request:

  • remedy of the deficiencies in the provided services free of charge
  • respective decrease in the price of the provided services
  • re-rendering of services free of charge
  • indemnity for losses incurred to eliminate the deficiencies (cost of the self-service or services provided by third parties)


Name of the company: Lab Rehab, LLC

Actual address: 121552, Moscow, Krylatskaya street 10, building 1, floor 1, premise VII
Legal address: 121552, Moscow, Krylatskaya street 10, building 1, floor 1, premise VII
PSRN (Primary State Registration Number): 1187746392877
TIN (Tax­payer Identification Number): 9731000147
IEC (Industrial Enterprises Classifier): 773101001
Phone number: +7 499 670 97 97