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Capacitive resistive electric transfer (CRET)

CRET therapy with the INDIBA.ACTIV device

This method has been very popular among sports professionals for the last 35 years and is widely used for recovery in sports medicine.

The innovative method of cell regeneration Proionic®System used in the INDIBA.ACTIV device is based on the therapeutic effect of a physically imperceptible high-frequency electric current, which penetrates into the tissues in the form of converted electromagnetic waves and generates heat.

The results achieved by the use of the INDIBA method in various types of professional sport prove the effectiveness of the CRET therapy, also supported by numerous clinical tests and athletes’ reviews.

The CRET method was invented by physiotherapists from Spain and Italy in 1984.

INDIBA operates at 448 kHz and has no equivalents. Studies have proven that this frequency improves cell regeneration by about 25%, which allows the body to recover faster both after injuries and after physical overload. This method has no contraindications except pregnancy. It is widely used in professional playing sports medicine.

The CRET therapy is conducted exclusively by a doctor and can be combined perfectly with other exposure methods, such as massage, chiropractic, reflexology, and high-speed percussion therapy.

There are 4 main phases in the CRET therapy:

  1. An athlete’s preparation phase lasts from 72 hours to 12 hours before the competition. At this time, the athlete is in his best physical shape, but the resources of the organism are exhausted. Accordingly, the risk of injury is increased. The CRET therapy minimizes or even completely eliminates this risk.

  2. The critical phase lasts for around 5 days after an injury (bruise, rupture, fracture, etc.). During this period, INDIBA cold modes are used. The process is carried out in the biostimulation mode, and regeneration is accelerated.

  3. After competitions, INDIBA.ACTIV is used to relieve discomfort and muscle pain rapidly and painlessly. It is better to carry out the procedure a day or two after the competitions. All problematic areas are affected during this period.

  4. In case of chronic pain, the maximum thermal effect of the therapy is used to relieve swelling and inflammation by improving blood flow and stimulating the regenerative phase.


Thermal energy stimulates deep tissues, which accelerates the recovery of the damaged areas. In sports medicine, the device is used to promote muscle relaxation, to prevent injuries, and to increase physical exercise tolerance.


  • 1 procedure on 1 zone (30-40 minutes) - 8 500 RUB.
  • 1 procedure on 2 zones (60 minutes) - 12 500 RUB. 
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