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Cryotherapy in Moscow

The therapeutic effect of cryotherapy is based on the stimulation of the body's defense mechanism by cold. As a result, the body activates all its resources to avoid hypothermia.

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Hypoxytherapy with the ReOxy device

The ReOxy device is used for interval hypoxic training in the Hypoxy/Hyperoxy regime (high/low oxygen level in the body) with individual exposure dosing. Every athlete takes a hypoxic test before ReOxy therapy. According to the acquired data, the built-in software module automatically calculates the exposure parameters and maintains them throughout subsequent ReOxy workouts.

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Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy (Barotherapy)

Barotherapy is perfect for recovery after physical exercise and stress. It allows to increase the agility of joints due to imperceptible relaxation of a separate muscle group. It is worth noting that the athlete’s potential is increased without drug use.

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Local Cryo-Compression Therapy with the Game Ready device

The mobile system Game Ready is a unique medical method developed by scientists and doctors and based on NASA space technology.

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Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (Compression Therapy) with the Normatec device

The Normatec compression device with patented system Pulse is one of today’s best methods for recovery after physical exercise.

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Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation with the Compex device

The effect of the device is based on the electric impulse transmitted through skin by surface electrodes and distributed among myofascial groups. This device is special because it can be used on any muscles not only for relaxation or preparation for intense physical exercise, but also during exercises.

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Percussion Therapy

This method accelerates therapeutic recovery in sports medicine. It operates in the deep muscle layers at a speed of more than 3600 beats per minute, which improves microcirculation and removes metabolic waste products from muscles after intense trainings. The method can also be perfectly used before physical exercise - to prepare and warm up the muscles.

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Neuromuscular Foot Correction

The procedure restores and strengthens the weakened functions by affecting the muscles with an electric current.

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