LabRehab – is the optimal complex of recovery methods for professional athletes and amateurs in cyclical sports. We offer the best services and signature methods that will help you set and reach more ambitious goals.Here your future sports achievements are created.

Feedback from our clients

Thank you very much!!! It's so professional, kindly and cozy place! I want to come back again and again! Wish you luck! You are the best!

Maria Evseeva

Thank you for being! It's so nice to come to you every time! All the best for you!

Svetlana Zolotova

Guys, you are the best! Thank you so much! All the best and see you soon!

Ekaterina Bychkova /tennis player/

After cycling training, I had a sharp pain in my pelvic area. I immediately thought that I had a joint problem, went up to the 2nd floor of the Velotrek in LabRehab and got an appointment with Andrei. He is a very cool professional, after he examined me, he diagnosed muscle spasm and used a unknown miracle device to treat it. It hurt, but then it let go! Now I will go to the stretching and functional training sessions! Conclusion: take care of yourself and turn to professionals in time! Thank you guys so much!


On the recommendation of the doctor, I going to the Center for individual training sessions, get barotherapy and compression therapy procedures. I like that the Center has a good atmosphere. All staff are professional, sincere, wonderful people. They're in their place. I didn’t attend many procedures, but I hope that I’ll soon see the results. Equipment at the Centre at the highest level.


Thank you very much for the beautiful view and wonderful attitude! Good luck with everything!

Guests from St. Petersburg 

Thanks for the consultation! We're very glad we met you. Good luck!

Osipenko Vitalina 

LabRehab! The best! Thank you so much for your sensitive attitude and desire to help! Helped a teenager with back pain! No one could do better than you! Made the guy happy! Special thanks to Olya Lyutova, her delicate nature and immense positivity! And to Kyrill Yeshtokin, he's super professional! Thanks!


People, place, technology! Everything is at the highest level. It is very nice to be in the Center and work with cool professionals. Thanks!

Darina Moskalenko (Pro Triathlete)

Thank you for the emotional atmosphere and attention! Special thanks to Annechka for individual functional training sessions. Your Center is another right place in Moscow for triathletes and skiers!

Elena Vashurina 

Thank you very much for the good attitude towards the client and his injuries. The exercises relaxed and gave recovery. Very pleasant feedback!!!

Alexander Surkov 

Thank you very much to the stretching coach – Anna. She helps stretch all muscles gently, easily, painlessly and very efficiently. My body said "thanks" after training. Thank you.

Alsu Shagieva (athletics coach)  

Thank you so much! For the first time I tried Normatec compression therapy and I came to life. After the race, my legs hurt terribly! And now I'm flying! Thanks again!

Ekaterina Belousova /cycling coach, St. Petersburg/

I want to express my gratitude to the specialists of LabRehab17 for the professionalism of a high level. We identified problem zones, and to recovery them. I have received valuable recommendations for ligament recovery, kinesio taping and purchasing individual insoles. At barotherapy, my body was saturated with oxygen, and I slept perfectly. The sensations are amazing. I'll definitely return to you!

Pavel Korpachev (personal trainer, OCR Athlete)  

My body fell in love with Kirill Yeshtokin, he is a magician and a wizard!!!


The Bath House is divine!

Sayeda Petrova 

I came to the LabRehab to shoot an interview and was glad that sports medicine methods have now become available to everyone. I especially note the effectiveness of combining barotherapy and cryotherapy procedures. Immunity is supported by absolutely natural methods, without injections.

Alexander Mostovoy (Russian football player)  

My father, who won the Olympic Games in 1976, told me that even then Soviet scientists were conducting studies on the effectiveness of barotherapy and cryotherapy on immunity. While scientists are working on creating a vaccine for coronavirus – you can support your body. After the course of procedures, I really feel better.

Nikolai Kruglov (Russian biathlete, World Champion)  

I was very worried before the first cryotherapy procedure, still it is –130 degrees Celsius, and this is despite the fact that my whole life goes on ice;) The nurse helped overcome fear and spoke about all the nuances of the procedure. As a result – an excellent mood and a charge of cheerfulness and positivity!

Anna Sidorova (Russian curler, European Champion) 

I am used to hard exercise and training in non-stop mode, until full exhaustion.

Now, to support immunity, I decided to include in my regime courses of barotherapy and cryotherapy in LabRehab. What is happening now concerns everyone without exception, it is necessary to help your body cope with the situation.

Yuri Postrigai /Russian canoeist, Olympic Champion/