sport recovery

Moscow, Krylatskaya, 10



Semion Valerievich Lavrinenko

Chief Physician
Specializes in comprehensive treatment of athletes, including nutrition, water regime, and correction of the intake of dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

Maxim Vladimirovich Shneiderov

Candidate of Medical Sciences. Traumatologist-orthopedist with 16 years of experience.
Treats patients with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and widely uses various types of blockades, including intra-articular ones, in treatment of his patients.

Kirill Alexeyevich Yeshtokin

Physiotherapist, osteopathic physician, chiropractor with 22 years of experience.
Uses the following physiotherapeutic methods as treatment to various diseases: magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound exposure accompanied with drugs, phototherapy, and acupuncture.

Alexander Alexeyevich Lezhnev

Rehabilitologist with 16 years of experience.
Specializes in recovery treatment of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after injuries and surgical operations. Conducts chiropractic muscle therapy and kinesio taping.

Anastasia Olegovna Serpokrylova

Personal trainer, rehabilitation specialist.
Specialization in posture correction according to the Pilates exercise system, rehabilitation programs after injuries, flexibility development, and weight loss.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Fedosenko

Massage therapist with 8 years of experience.
Specializes in sports and lymphatic drainage massage, soft manual techniques, myofascial therapy, and post isometric relaxation. Performs acupressure and cupping massage, dry needling, kinesio taping, FDM-therapy, and IASTM-therapy.

Sergey Ivanovich Kudinov

Massage therapist with 7 years of experience.
Specializes in sports and general massage. Pays special attention to the development of certain areas of the athlete's body, depending on the sport.

Marina Anatolievna Maltseva

Physiotherapy nurse with 14 years of experience.

Roxolana Igorevna Ischuk

Cyclic sports coach
Only a person who has devoted his or her life to sports is able to understand what an amateur athlete feels while preparing for competitions, to give valuable advice, and to help achieve the goal in the best shape. You will be safe and secure while working with Roxolana, because she is such a person.