sport recovery

Moscow, Krylatskaya, 10



Bath house of LabRehab is made of сonvex lime tree pieces with bark and is filled with aroma of meadow grass. It’s unique as it harmoniously fits in the Clinic and adds to our approach to effective recovery. We work in compliance with all traditions of a classical Russian bath.

A one of a kind jade stove creates a necessary microclimate for a comfortable rest and recovery. Its construction protects from excessive infrared emission and allows to enjoy light steam.
During the procedures we set the temperature at 70-80 degrees Celsius with the humidity level at approximately 40%.
A panoramic view at the natural-historical park Moskvoretsky, the large Krylatsky pond and Moscow-City is also one the features of our Bath house.
A bath program conducted by a bathman would be of maximum value. The bath ceremony includes steaming, massage with brooms, contrast procedures and aromatherapy. It is one of the most pleasurable and effective methods for improving one’s health and appearance, as well as for relaxation and recovery of physical and psychological balance.

Bath procedures help to achieve:

  • Quicker recovery after physical exercise
  • Relief of fatigue and exhaustion
  • Increase of metabolism
  • Better results and effectiveness
  • Overall health and anti-stress effect