sport recovery

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A system of physical exercises created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, designed specially for athletes and dancers to recover and get back in shape.

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Soft manual techniques are used to treat functional disorders of the joints, muscles, and nervous system.

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Physical Therapy

This method helps the body to recover and prevents a large number of diseases. To get the best result, physical therapy is combined with other methods.

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It is a system of exercises aimed at stretching ligaments and muscles and increasing body elasticity and mobility of joints. Stretching is an essential part of the recovery gymnastics. Moreover, it is often used to prepare athletes for competitions in various types of sport.

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Myofascial Release

The connective tissue (fascia) of muscles plays a large role in muscle functioning. Muscles and fascia are inextricably linked: relaxation or shortening of fascia directly affects the functioning of the muscle.

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Functional Training

Functional training is based on working out the maximum number of muscles. All exercises complement each other and build up to long and effective exercise sets. Sports equipment and free weights, which allow to perform exercises along the natural trajectory of the body, are used in training. It allows to lessen the load on the spine and joints, decreases the risk of injuries, and ensures maximum exercise efficiency.

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